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La Rue de l'Art makes its entrance on the Web

"La Rue de l'Art" welcomes you to its new website !

Ferrières-en-Gâtinais (France) 45210

© Georges GOMEZ, 2021.

A few touches of context...

La Rue de l'Art is a non-profit organization made of particularly talented artists. At its head, Natalio Awaïda, a passionate patron whose goal is to "develop Ferrières through the art's prism, to bring life and joy to a city with an exceptional soul and great potential" ( Le Connecté, 2019).

In a perspective of sharing and promoting Art in all its forms, our benefactor has therefore decided, in addition to two sumptuous galleries opened in the bucolic medieval town of Ferrières-en-Gâtinais, to create this website, giving another turn to the association... an international status.

Our talents

Our artists will present you with original and sincere, deep and exhilarating artworks. La Rue de l'Art's very proud of its diversity: talents with unique personalities, diverse abilities, and inspirations. Their curiosity has no limits: from painting to sculpture, including stained glass or photography, your happiness is there and the crush's real.

Appearance in local Press

We always are grateful for the attention given to us, and the interest in a sector as sensitive as art. Therefore, we had the honor of welcoming brilliant journalists and consultants to our seasonal events several times: don't hesitate to consult their articles:

- Mouninou N. (2021) La saison s'achève pour La Rue de l'Art, La République du Centre ;

- Billault J.-P. (2019) Connaissez-vous "La Rue de l'Art" à Ferrières ?, Le Connecté.

Our Facebook : La Rue de l'Art

BARBIER Jennifer


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